November's End


Last night was a full moon, and the warmest late November night I can remember in my three decades on this planet.

 That said, the last month has been one of the longest and most grueling of my life. Still, I keep writing. I missed NaNoWriMo, which I really wanted to participate in. It's important to get even a little writing in, if you can. It makes you feel better, and nothing like inspiration to keep you going.

 That said, I have published new short stories to Wattpad and WriteOn.

The Last Witch


Dear fans and casual readers, I just published a short story on Wattpad titled, The Last Witch. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Summer News


Dear fans and casual readers,

Still waiting for news about the new edition of Winter Haven: a novel. Stay tuned.

Dear fans and casual readers,

Haven't heard from me in a while. I have been busy trying to work on projects I have been putting off since forever. I am excited (as I usually am around spring time). These projects are different from my usual stuff, as they are in part, inspired by genealogy searches I have been conducting and they are more historical.

 I am excited because I have never written historical fiction before, and this is a challenge. I am currently in the research stages--lots of reading but necessary. I have to get it right. I hope I can complete these project by the end of this year.

 This seems achievable. I took on such ambitious timeline last year and was successful. I hope to be equally productive, and more importantly, I hope I can get these writing out to you.

 Sincerely, Mm

New Year 2015


Dear fans and casual readers, 
 hope everyone is having a productive new year so far.

 I'll tell you my plans, but it's always the same--stay productive. I hope to produce new writing materials for this year. So far, everything is in the editorial phase. I am looking forward to share more news with you soon.


Reading Overload


Dear fans and casual readers,

Trying to read as much as possible. I have fallen completely behind in everything, including the stockpile of books I have gathered for my  Fall Reading. This has never happened before.
I am trying to get through "The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden," and when I am done, I will carry on to the "Witch of Babylon." Not the same genre, but that's definitely of my reading habit.

 At the same time, I am also writing like crazy. Trying to complete a trilogy before I lose my mind.
Dear fans and casual readers,

 Hope all is great. It's Thanksgiving here in Canada. Spending the time with the family. Hope you'll do the same, if you're Canadian. 

 Anyway, been getting good feedback on "the good book." I hope to share it with this world soon, this time for real. Been hanging out with the right reviewers and meeting the right people. Come November, I will be at a book fair--I'll get to that later.


Cary Joji Fukunaga


He's the only good, new and exciting thing I took from the Emmys last night.
 See my blog for more.



Watching the World Cup 2014. I am not a fan of soccer year round, but there is something about a global sporting event that draws my interest. So far, my soccer player obsession is the Brazilian #10 Neymar. For better (his charm) or for worse (his hair), Neymar is charming and annoying me all at once.


Medieval POC


Currently in love with this website: Medieval POC , or People of Color in Medieval European Art History: There is also a Tumblr blog of the same name.

The site is important, because it challenges the "whitewashing" of history, the the exclusion of non-whites from Epic fantasy, or the "slave" portrayal so frequently pushed when they are included (see Game of Thrones). And, as the website quips--"because you don't want to be historically inaccurate."

Whenever someone questions why there's a black guy leading the king's army in Maleficent, or why Lancelot is black, etc, just point them to the website.

cMellMckenzie 2012